Friday, October 14, 2011

He's home! Home Sweet Home!

Hi everyone! So My hubby is officially HOME! YAYYY! I couldn't be more excited at this point,
I finally have my best friend and other half with me! :) (I was attempting to
jump on him in this picture, good thing I didn't because
I would have mooned everyone there haha!) But anyway, We've done nothing but jet set
to see his family on the west coast, a vaca in Vegas then drive everywhere to see my family here on 
the east coast, but completely worth it. Danny couldn't be more happy about
our newest addition TITAN to our family! Such a cute puppy that I rescued
while he was gone, a foster dog gone permanent status! And of course
our yellow lab Belle CRIED when she saw Danny, it made me cry more
than when I actually saw him for the first time. She definitely missed her daddy!
So now that things have calmed down in the Goldwater household I will
start more projects and share them with you all!
Got any questions about the Goldwater family? Ask away!
Lisa & the gang.